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May 18, 2015

WestcottDr. Wayne Westcott, author of “Strength Training Over 50”, as well as other books on the benefits of Nautilus strength training and hundreds of published articles on Nautilus research, was recently quoted in a March 15, 2015 Wall Street Journal article. The article discusses the benefits of high intensity strength training for men and women over 50. Specifically the article addresses the remarkable improvements exhibited by these age groups by following Dr. Westcott’s training guidelines.

Dr. Westcott cited pre-existing injuries, such as chronic back and shoulder pain as common challenges facing older adults who begin weight training. The article discusses the case of a retired thoracic surgeon, age 75.  As a consequence of years bent over patients in the operating room, the doctor said that his back pain “made it painful to walk more than a block”.

To get the most out of his workout and in the least amount of time, the doctor relied on Dr. Westcott’s trainers at Quincy College.  The Strength Training for Seniorstrainers strictly enforced Dr. Westcott’s high intensity strength guidelines using Nautilus equipment resulting in the doctor returning to play golf twice a week and walk 6 miles per day.

Reuters News also reviewed studies showing that even a 90-year-old can build muscle. The author discussed the section of Dr. Westcott’s book, “Strength Training Past 50,” where he cited the fact that “maintaining lean body mass becomes harder with ageing. It’s more challenging with age but if you do high intensity strength training you can maintain your lean muscle to age 70 and beyond. For women the aging dilemma is that “an older woman who does not resistance train, will lose up to 10 pounds of lean mass per decade”, a major contributor to osteoporosis, loss of height and back pain.


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