Schwinn ® Education Certifies 13 New Instructors in Japan

Schwinn Education

August 2016

Tokyo, Japan

Schwinn Education, offered by Bravo Group, a leader in club-based training, education programs and systems, and Schwinn Japan distributors, NGJ Brand Solutions and Think Fitness, announced that 13 attendees successfully completed the Schwinn Classic Instructor Certification Program on April 30, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan at the Bravo Group studio.

Schwinn Education ClassYuki Kuraoka, Schwinn Education’s Project Leader, said, “We compliment all the candidates on their enthusiasm and desire to join the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Education community. Their decision to choose Schwinn Education speaks to the popularity of the iconic Schwinn ® brand, and illustrates why Schwinn remains at the forefront of fitness technology, education and instructor training, since its founding by Ignaz Schwinn in 1895.”

Mr. Robert Sherman, Schwinn® Education Master Instructor (MI), presented the Schwinn ® Classic Authentic Cycling Certification program.  Mr. Sherman, named as one of the top 100 fitness trainers in America, is a Gold Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for ACE, AFAA and ACSM. In addition to his Schwinn MI activities, he is a frequent speaker and presenter at worldwide events on motivation, program design, education, senior programs, strength performance and teacher training. “I enjoy helping people who have never

participated in indoor cycling as much as I enjoy training performance athletes. My philosophy is to help students achieve more than they think they can.”

Participants from several leading Japanese fitness and sports companies completed the Schwinn Classic Certification. Each successful candidate received Schwinn Certification education credits and is now eligible to participate in any of the 130 continuing Education courses offered by Schwinn Education, including attainment of the coveted Master Instructor title.

Gregory Zink, NGJ Brand Solutions CEO concluded, “Robert Sherman’s engaging style and in-depth knowledge of cycling science, proper riding technique and class design with special tools such as the Schwinn ®Cycling Coach’s Pyramid empowering instructors to create the ultimate group exercise experiences were well noted by all in attendance. We are confident Robert has inspired our new Schwinn Instructors to motivate, educate, engage, empower, and interact with their students in the coming years, further positioning Schwinn as the brand of choice for indoor cycling in Japan.”

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