The Nautilus Brand Promise for Women:

November 2, 2015

Nautilus Brand Promise for Women: You Are Stronger Than You Think

Dr. Ellington Darden, Director of Research for Arthur Jones’ Nautilus Sports Medical Industries for 20 years and author of over 50 books on Nautilus training says in his 1983 book, The Nautilus Woman, “Nautilus helps women discover that improved strength can help self confidence and help women attain greater success in professional and personal fields.”

Kimitane Sohma, NGJ Brand Solutions President said, “When you think about Dr. Darden’s statement and his mentor, Arthur Jones’ position in 1977 that “practically all the rules for training of men apply to women with almost equal validity”, you gain a tremendous respect for the vision and research that these men conducted.  In the 1970s women’s strength training was highly controversial, and much of Dr. Darden’s and Arthur’s early research supported the benefits of women’s strength training.  Think about the world today and the equality and empowerment of women. These men and Nautilus were great visionaries of their times. This is truly remarkable.”

In Nautilus Especially for Women; You’re Stronger Than You Think and other articles (1977), Dr. Darden wrote, “Nautilus trained women are finding that they can take charge of the way they want their bodies to look”. He also writes, “Nautilus machines are especially good for women because they apply resistance directly to the target body part. This provides maximum increases in strength and body toning in much less training time than anyone, other than Arthur Jones thought was possible”.

Dr. Darden directs women how to properly use Nautilus machines because “if you are interested in slimming your hips, thighs and waists and elongating your posture, you must apply the Nautilus training concepts. For maximum benefits in the least amount of time, Nautilus principles must be combined with knowledge of how to use each Nautilus machine” he says.

Sohma commented, “These same original Nautilus training concepts from the 1970’s were adopted in 2011 as the official American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. In future releases we look forward to sharing the Nautilus training concepts for women that maximize weight loss, and improve posture, self image and sports performance in a minimal amount of time.”


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