The Nautilus Brand Promise: Arthur Jones on Training Less and Improving Results

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September 6, 2016

Arthur Jones, NautilusArthur Jones, the iconic Nautilus inventor, passionately believed that anyone could dramatically increase their fitness results by combining a workout of 30 minutes or less, with fewer exercises and a slowing, controlled repetition speed. The ingenuity of his work, originally documented in a 1982 Nautilus Osteoporosis study of osteoporosis at the University of Florida, was recently discussed in a WebMD Feature Archive.

Mr. Jones’ theories have been developed for all forms of popular training including functional, body weight and sports performance. His work launched an expansion of popular books, exercise physiology textbooks, national association guidelines, articles and studies devoted to helping people get faster and safer results.

“Arthur’s secret was slow, controlled movement throughout the full range of motion (“ROM”) as this reduction in momentum enables muscles to work harder,” writes Dr. Wayne Westcott. “Research proves these techniques can produce 50% greater results than traditional strength training methods, in just 10 weeks,” he adds.

WestcottFast movements, multiple sets and repetitions simply do not provide similar results to slow movement as prescribed by Mr. Jones in 1986. Recent studies and best-selling books extol slower training and shorter training sessions which are also beneficial for injury prevention and rehabilitation and serve as important educational tools for personal trainers teaching movement awareness.

Proper Nautilus training also is a vital aid in weight loss because muscles do greater metabolic work moving slowly than moving fast. In fact, faster movement moves the weight with momentum rather than muscular strength, dangerously loading and unloading the muscles during parts of the ROM, a leading cause of training and overuse injuries.

Kimitane Sohma, NGJ Brand Solutions President summarized,  “Although Arthur’s highly publicized training principles in 1976 educated the early fitness, wellness and sports world, his Nautilus Training System, when properly followed, remains the fastest and safest way to achieve results. And at the end of the day, we all want results that help us look and feel better without injuries.”

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