THINK Fitness Premiers New Nautilus Strength and Cardio Systems at SPORTEC

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January 31, 2014

SPORTEC NautilusTokyo, Japan. Visitors, exhibitors and members of the press were greeted at the Big Site entrance by an exciting display of the latest Nautilus equipment, accompanied by trained THINK Fitness personnel, eager to share state-of-the-art training information.

Guests who tried Nautilus were given specially designed “Aging Gracefully” USB drives containing recent Nautilus studies and research on training programs for seniors. Mr. Kimitane Sohma, President of Nautilus Group Japan, said, “Aging Gracefully and our other programs are examples of THINK Fitness’s mission to expand the current Japanese fitness market beyond the current 3% by providing solutions to important demographic groups like seniors.”

SPORTEC attendees lined up to try the Nautilus One and Evo strength lines.  As one THINK representative explained, “These machines represent the ultimate user experience. Nautilus One’s aluminum dial allows the user to select the exercise weight with a single, simple turn. If you have ever turned a door knob you already know how to use Nautilus One.” Mr. Sohma discussed how ONE technology benefits the user SPORTEC Nautilusbecause the dial is always within reach from the seated position.  Sohma said, “This means the user does not have to bend or stand up to adjust weight selection. This may not be a big concern for youth but it is a concern for seniors. Red markers also define axis points for proper joint alignment that are necessary for safe and effective results.”

Another THINK representative enthusiastically told a club owner, “You have to feel EVO to believe it, as EVO equipment adapts itself to the way the body moves, instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine.  Nautilus’ unique machine design encourages proper posture and back alignment.”

SPORTEC Think RepThere were also lines of men and women of all ages waiting to try the revolutionary Nautilus® K2 Vertical Climber. The K2 futuristic design features 20 levels of resistance to accommodate all fitness levels, from beginner to expert. The K2 also includes handles integrated with heart rate monitors to provide safety and exercise information.

Mr. Sohma concluded, “Less than 3% of the Japanese population participates in the fitness market. This is very low. But after 30 years in this industry we believe the combination of the Nautilus system and THINK Fitness’s representation and vision are key to growing the market and meeting the unique needs of Japanese fitness participants.”


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