THINK Fitness Introduces Revolutionary StairMaster TreadClimber5 at SPORTEC

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November 22, 2013

THINK Fitness will introduce the new StairMaster TreadClimber5, “Black Beauty” at SPORTEC 2013.  The revolutionary TreadClimber5 takes StairMaster’s strong tradition of delivering real cardio workouts and real results to a new level by providing users the ability to burn twice the calories of any treadmill on the market.

NGJ, CEO, Mr Kimitane Sohma, exclusive Japanese distributor for Nautilus and StairMaster stated, “The TreadClimber5 uses proven, safe, conventional technologies – not hydraulics – to move the treadles and has been rigorously tested to ensure durability. The TreadClimber 5 gives users quality and peace of mind, while generating a workout that’s easy on the knees, ankles and joints – but tough on calories.  From the stationary first step for safe and easy access and exit to the easy-to-navigate touchpad console, the TC5 is truly a product that appeals to anyone interested in a time efficient way to exercise and lose weight, especially women.”

Waka Yogi, yoga teacher and star of the Fox series “Kirei Yoga” sponsored by Reebok, adds “Many of my yoga students are interested in managing their weight and the TreadClimber5 is a safe and fast way for women to meet their goals.  I am looking forward to demonstrating the TC5 at SPORTEC 2013 and am very pleased to participate in this leading event in the Japanese health and wellness industry.”

Think Fitness Corporation remarked “We are pleased to introduce the TreadClimber5 and welcome Waka Yogi to SPORTEC.  One of our goals at SPORTEC has been to expand the Japan wellness industry.  We are very proud to bring the benefits of cardio fitness and yoga together, especially for Japanese women.” Sohma added, “We will continue to introduce leading Japanese females in our product and program marketing recognizing the importance of women’s fitness and wellness in Japan.”


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