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Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 2012, Nautilus Group Japan announces that Think Fitness, the One Stop Solution for Fitness in Japan and the master franchisee of Gold’s Gyms in Japan, has been named exclusive Japanese distributor for the world famous Nautilus strength brand of fitness equipment. Mr. Gregory Zink, Nautilus Group Japan President and CEO said that “We believe Think Fitness is the ideal partner to re establish the Nautilus brand in Japan.  Nautilus equipment remains the best in the world and will be the lead brand in the Think Fitness’ line-up.” Mr. Kimitane Sohma, Nautilus Group Japan KK, President, added “Think Fitness CEO, Eiji Tezuka and his team are dedicated to this market and have the energy and expertise to invigorate the Nautilus brand. We are happy to have them as our exclusive strength equipment distributors.”

Mr. Zink adds, “We are pleased to announce our agreement just prior to the SPORTEC Expo, as Tezuka san is a true leader and passionate innovator in the Japanese fitness market.  We are confident he understands the 50 year history of the Nautilus brand as well as the 35 year history of our brand in Japan.”

Mr Tezuka added “In 1979, I met Nautilus equipment at the club in US for the first time, and I strongly desired to work out completely with this equipment. In 1986, Nautilus Club was opened in Aoyama, Tokyo Japan, where Nautilus equipment was fully displayed. I immediately signed up for the membership, and enjoyed my workout with this equipment. In the 1990s, we had made a feature of Nautilus brand on Ironman Magazine Japan that we publish monthly. I am proud to announce that we start to distribute Nautilus brand in 2012 as a true Nautilus enthusiast. We would like to deliver Nautilus equipment to as many customers as we can, and to give top priority to maintenance and service as well so that many of the existing Nautilus users can use their equipment at the best condition. We look forward to working with Nautilus Japan to do so.”


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