The Nautilus Brand Promise for Functional Training

November 25, 2014

The Nautilus XPLOAD Zone Training System, featuring Nautilus functional training machines with a patented EVO weight stack with 1 KG increment per handle, suspension training, and American College of Sports Medicine (“ACSM”) approved Nautilus strength training guidelines highly correlates to ACSM’s top ten 2014 trends, delivering exciting results for users and club owners and further extends the Nautilus Brand Promise.

XPLoad ZoneThe Nautilus XPLOAD Zone Training System presents new opportunities to reduce functional training injuries. A 2013 study of a prominent competitive functional training brand evidences injury rates of participants over 70%. This is as high as injury rates for Olympic weight-lifting and gymnastics.  The Nautilus XPLOAD Zone System provides an environment where users and their trainers can follow ACSM training guidelines and use correct Nautilus techniques.

Nautilus initially developed the XPLOAD Zone Training System as a targeted solution for firefighters and the military as their jobs demand high fitness levels, results in a short amount of time, and injury prevention.   Mr Greg Webb, Nautilus VP said “We built the XPLOAD functional training solution for a variety of customers. While functional training popularity continues to grow, our time-tested training protocols can dramatically reduce the incidence of functional training related injuries.  In 1973 Arthur Jones’ established fundamental rules of good form for high intensity training including negative and positive (eccentric and concentric) repetitions, with emphasis on full range of motion, that can be equally applied to today’s strength machine, body weight and functional techniques,”  stated Webb.

Dr. Wayne Westcott, noted health and fitness author commented, “At the 16th annual ACSM Health and Fitness Summit, the “Go Negative” lecture focused on the role of negative training in promoting muscle growth, post rehabilitation conditioning and improved metabolism. Qualified trainers can easily show users how to utilize negative training for functional movements by changing anchor points, body positions, form, and repetition rates and times.”

Mr. Kimitane Sohma, NGJ President and co founder of the world’s first Nautilus Academy concludes, “In 1984 we developed the Nautilus Academy in Tokyo to educate trainers, management and the press regarding Arthur Jones’ system of machines and training techniques. While many competitive products have tried to copy the Nautilus brand, there has been limited success because they have failed to understand how to properly apply Mr. Jones’s fundamental concepts. Frankly speaking, I am not surprised to see Nautilus’ impact on functional training and the extension of our Brand Promise.”


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