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With the rate of Japanese enrollment in fitness clubs constant at 3% for many years and continuing to trail other developed countries, is there a solution to increase the participation rate? A simple increase from 3% to 4% would have a tremendous impact on the health of Japanese and the country’s fitness industry. 2014 Sportec In fact, such an increase would increase club revenues to record levels.

“Club memberships would only be the beginning of the growth phase,” says Mr. Kimitane Sohma, NGJ President. “The easiest way to increase club memberships is to target the fastest growing population segments in Japan….people over 50 and women.   The median age in Japan is 45 and over 23% of the population is 65 and over.  These are large, under-served, lucrative market segments. The American College of Sports Medicine identified weight training and fitness programs for older adults in its top 7 trends for 2014.”  Mr. Sohma has spoken of his passion at the IHRSA Pan Pacific Convention and in a book he co-authored in the US in 2006.

Aging GracefullyAt a SPORTEC 2013 press interview he told a reporter, “US clubs revamped their training and marketing to appeal to women and the 50 and over group during the recession five years ago. They realized that the needs of women and seniors are not always satisfied by young trainers and added older trainers, programs and educational solutions to meet their needs for a strong and healthy quality of life.”

BoomersWhen asked to provide some specifics on how this might work in Japan, Mr. Sohma discussed the specifics of Nautilus’ Aging Gracefully and Four for Core programs and said, “These are just a few programs that target seniors and women and demonstrate the depth of research conducted at Nautilus.  As the first selectorized strength equipment ever produced under the research and wisdom of Arthur Jones, Nautilus equipment and education remains unparalleled. When you consider that Arthur Jones invented Nautilus when he was nearly 50, he clearly had seniors and women in his master vision.  It is the execution of this vision that will lead to the next growth phase in Japanese fitness and add to Mr. Jones’ Nautilus legacy.


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