StairMaster TreadClimber5 Successfully Introduced at SPORTEC

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January 31, 2014

THINK Fitness successfully introduced the new StairMaster TreadClimber5, “Black Beauty”, at SPORTEC 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight.  Hundreds of SPORTEC attendees tested the Black Beauty and commented on how easy it was to use and were impressed with the unique look and design.  The revolutionary TreadClimber5 takes StairMaster’s strong tradition of delivering real cardio workouts and real results to a new level by providing users the ability to burn twice the calories of any treadmill on the market. 

Waka Yogi, yoga teacher and star of the Fox series “Kirei Yoga” sponsored by Reebok, and her team of “Black Beauties” guided users through their first exercise on the TC5.

Sportec 2014
“Many of my yoga students participated at SPORTEC 2013 and said that the TreadClimber5 is a safe and fast way for women to meet their weight loss goals. Men also loved the exercise and asked what club facilities had the Black Beauty so they could use it regularly. After demonstrating the TreadClimber5, I want to use it in my own training.” 

Think Fitness Corporation remarked “We are pleased to introduce the TreadClimber5 and are testing it further at Golds Gym East Tokyo in Minamisuna. We are very excited about the potential for this unique product in Japan and believe that it will attract new members to our customers’ facilities.”

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