StairMaster TreadClimber5 Stars at Health Fitness Japan (“HFJ”) 2014

July 15, 2014

Following a successful launch at SPORTEC 2013, THINK Fitness and Waka Yogi, yoga teacher and star of the Fox series “Kirei Yoga” displayed the new StairMaster TreadClimber5, “Black Beauty”, at HFJ at Tokyo Big Sight June 17-19.  Hundreds of HFJ attendees walked on the Black Beauty and commented on how easy it was to use and its unique look and design. A Gold’s Gym trainer said, “The TreadClimber5 has really helped my clients because it is great exercise and burns more calories than a regular treadmill. I’m excited about the TreadClimber5 and so are our members.”

Mr. Justin Rossi, Asia Pacific Sales Manager for StairMaster, joined THINK Fitness and Waka at HFJ. Mr. Rossi commented on the popularity of the TC5 across markets as he shared a US trainer’s recent comment, “We are happy to have the Black Beauty TreadClimber5 in our club (Anytime Fitness, Minnesota).  It is used all the time!  Our members really love the variety of effective cardio workouts that we have thanks to the TreadClimber5.”

Mr. Rossi commented that increasing Asian and worldwide acceptance by trainers and members was a result of “the StairMaster commitment to take performance to a higher level by using safe and proven technologies to produce a workout that burns twice the number of calories as treadmills.” Mr. Rossi continues, “By safe, we mean the TreadClimber5 gives users a workout that is easy on ankles, joints and knees. This is especially important for the women’s market. With the addition of a Japanese language console and instructions, we are excited about the future of the Black Beauty in the Japanese fitness and wellness market.”

Waka noted that “injuries and weight loss are two of the main topics I hear from Japanese women. The TreadClimber5 is a safe complement to any exercise and yoga program, especially for women, and is a time efficient weight loss exercise.”


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