Stairmaster Introduces New Air Fit Bike at IHRSA 2014

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San Diego, CA

Building on thirty years of experience and proven performance, StairMaster displayed the unique wind resistant commercial bike, the Air Fit at IHRSA 2014. Beginning with the first stepping machine in 1983, StairMaster has been a leader in the commercial cardio market and backs the Air Fit with a full commercial warranty.

Air FitThe dual action Air Bike appeals to both the cardio and strength markets due to dual action wind resistance that provides an upper and lower body workout as well as cardio workout. The result is a true total body workout. Technology transfers from Schwinn bikes have been employed to provide a new, large seat cushion, improved for added comfort and support and a belt drive system that provides for continuous pedaling like a bicycle. The Air Fit Console features a new bright user-friendly LED display with key metrics such as Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and Calories.

Resistance in the Air Fit is determined by how hard the user works; the harder the bike is pedaled, the higher the resistance becomes, allowing for a wide range of users. This resistance is generated by an innovative fan design that displaces air effectively providing customizable workouts for anyone at any fitness level. From beginners to seasoned athletes, the Air Bike has carved out a place for itself in all fitness environments.

Personal trainers and club management at IHRSA who tried the Air Fit expressed how closely the Air Fit simulates the natural movement of the human body and commented on how the Air Fit meets an unserved need in the commercial fitness market worldwide.


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