Stairmaster Acquires Nautilus Commercial Fitness Business

StairMaster Think Nautilus Logos

Vancouver, WA

July 28, 2014

Core Fitness, LLC doing business as StairMaster, is proud to announce the addition of Nautilus Commercial Fitness to its brand portfolio of StairMaster and Schwinn. In the formal announcement, StairMaster’s CEO Dustin Grosz stated, “Our recent history in fitness acquisitions has shown that we have the right team and processes in place to lay the foundation for future innovation and growth.  Combining the iconic Nautilus brand, world-renowned products, and programs with the strong educational foundation of Schwinn Indoor Cycling, and the innovative lineup of StairMaster products positions us as a clear leader in providing integrated fitness, sports and wellness solutions.”

Gregory Zink, CEO of Nautilus Group Japan said, “Core Fitness has demonstrated strong leadership in branding, sales, manufacturing, training and education that has made a tremendous impact on our industry. As the exclusive distributor for Schwinn and StairMaster, we are extremely pleased to have StairMaster acquire the Nautilus Commercial Fitness business.  Their commitment to innovation will only improve our world-class strength products and related education and complement our StairMaster and Schwinn Indoor Cycling products and certification programs. Since 1983, our company has believed that education and training were the keys to helping facilities achieve their financial goals and users achieve their personal fitness goals. We and our partners at Think Fitness share Mr Grosz’ vision and look forward to leveraging these leading brands in the Japan fitness and wellness markets.”

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