The Nautilus Brand Promise For Seniors: Resistance Training is Better Than Medicine

April  18, 2016

Arthur Jones, Nautilus

Dr Westcott

A recent American College of Sports Medicine Journal (ACSM) article states that seniors “can improve their body composition very similar to adults 20 to 30 years younger. “That is good news for seniors,” says Dr. Westcott, author of “Strength Training Over 50”, as well as other books on the benefits of Nautilus resistance and strength training.
He adds, “we’ve also seen similar successes among senior nursing home residents.” Using Nautilus senior resistance training programs, Dr. Westcott has reported “amazing before and after results where participants increased their lower body strength by 80% and upper body by 40%.”  In his ACSM review, Dr. Westcott writes that “these improvements resulted in greater functional capacity for daily living activities and quality of life.”

“Seniors respond just as well to strength training programs, both mentally and physically, as younger adults,” writes Dr. Westcott. “The studies conducted at the University of Florida medical School and Tufts University have proven that strength training programs reduce low back pain.  And other studies indicate strength training programs have a greater impact on improving bone density that any other type of physical activity.”

Nautilus Brand Promise Seniors

Mr. Kimitane Sohma, President of NGJ Brand Solutions says, “Our senior workshops in Japan have shown results similar to studies at these American medical schools and universities. Arthur Jones was 55 years old when he founded Nautilus on the belief that strength training would benefit seniors as well as any other age group. In fact, Arthur said, “If only a few simple training principles are understood, then almost all trainees, regardless of age or sex, can easily reach their goals.”


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