Japanese Schwinn Master Instructors Demonstrate to Record Crowds at Sportec 2016

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October 11, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

Enthusiastic crowds gathered around newly certified Schwinn Education Master Instructor (“MI”) classes, presented by Bravo Group at SPORTEC 2016 at Tokyo Big Site. Over three days, Japan’s premier fitness and wellness trade show attracted a record setting 46,000 attendees.

Schwinn Master InstructorLeading up to SPORTEC, each Schwinn MI candidate completed the Schwinn Education training curriculum over the past 18 months. Their training concluded under the direction of Mr. Robert Sherman, Schwinn Master Trainer. Mr. Sherman, a frequent presenter at worldwide events on motivation, program design, education, strength and sports performance and Jeffrey Scott, Schwinn’s Lead Master Trainer, closely reviewed the candidates via video examinations followed by comprehensive one-on-one training workshops at Bravo Studio’s Tokyo headquarters.

Mr. Sherman said, “The Japanese MIs displayed two of the most important traits of leaders; a desire for knowledge and a passion for excellence.  I am confident they will continue the Schwinn legacy of great education and connection to performance.”  The proprietary Schwinn Education Tools and Techniques have been the cornerstone of building the Schwinn global community of 77 Master Instructors globally and 40,000 Schwinn Certified Instructors in 18 countries.

Yuki Kuraoka, Schwinn Education’s Project Leader, said, “We could not be more proud to have 3 Schwinn Master Instructors join the international community of Schwinn Master trainers. This accomplishment solidifies our Schwinn Education program and business plan.”

After observing the Schwinn MIs at SPORTEC, Kimitane Sohma, NGJ Brand Solutions President said, “The big smiles of the cyclists using Schwinn cycling bikes told a powerful story.  The MIs showed the students how to perfectly use and ride combining entertainment and education to empower students to have fun and maximize their performance far beyond what they believed possible. With our Schwinn Japanese MIs, more Japanese instructors can participate in Schwinn training and education.  This is how “overnight” fitness revolutions begin.”

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