The Nautilus Brand Promise for Flexibility and Strength

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November 6, 2017

Arthur Jones, NautilusIn 1970, Arthur Jones, Nautilus Founder and “Father of High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”), wrote and lectured on “the importance of range of motion (“ROM”) and flexibility awareness versus heavy weights and poor technique.” Mr. Kimitane Sohma, President of NGJ Brand Solutions says “Mr. Jones demonstrated that proper Nautilus full ROM training can increase muscular size, strength and flexibility.”

GolfWayne Westcott, Ph.D, ACSM contributor, Nautilus expert and author of over 20 fitness books believes many athletes make the mistake of using too much weight and too little range of motion in their training, resulting in tight muscles, limited flexibility, and mobility, all of which increases the risk of injuries while decreasing performance.

For example, world famous 80-year-old South African golfer, Gary Player has publically embraced Arthur Jones philosophy to “train harder and smarter”.  Mr. Player has remained nearly as devoted to the gym as to the golf course and freely attributes lifelong fitness to winning 167 worldwide tournaments over a 50-year career. Golf Magazine recently reported that in addition to leading to increased golfer performance, Gary Player is largely responsible for the muscular appearance and power of today’s golf pros.

Strength Training for SeniorsResearch into Mr. Jones’ Nautilus training methods, beginning at the University of Florida Medical School and West Point Military Academy, has expanded internationally into diverse programs including Resistance Training is Medicine and Freedom Thru Functionality as well as Sports Performance Training, Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis Prevention, and Senior Wellness.

“Having professional athletes compete longer will likely focus renewed interest in Arthur Jones’s training principles”, says Mr. Sohma. Gary Player uses strength and flexibility as his secret weapons for career longevity and for beating players half his age. It is rewarding to see Arthur Jones’ genius in use today.”




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