Nautilus EVO Weight Stack Receives U.S Patent

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Independence, VA. April 14, 2014

EVO Weight StackMr. Juergen Kopf, Executive Vice President of Med-Fit Systems and Nautilus Commercial, announced that the United States Patent Office has granted a patent (8,585,564) for the weight stack assembly used on Nautilus EVO and NOVA. Mr. Kopf said this technology “allows us to eliminate add on weight stacks and provides a 2.2 kilogram weight increment utilizing a proprietary pin design.”

“This advancement means three things to Nautilus users”, said Mr. Kopf. “First, it guarantees smoother machine operation, due to lower friction, which is key to generating the feel of a Nautilus machine. This is not unlike the feel of closing the door of a Mercedes, versus a cheap imitation. This technology also makes it easier to accommodate smaller strength gains, which is important for youth and senior training as well as women’s programs and rehabilitation. Finally, maintenance costs for our customers will be substantially less.”

Gregory Webb, the VP of Engineering credited by the Patent Office as “Inventor” said, “In simple terms, we’ve created a weight stack with thinner weight plates but more of them. The EVO weight stack has three times as many weight selections as a conventional weight stack, but at approximately the same height and weight. This eliminates the mini add-on weight system beside the main weight stack making weight selection a single pin process. Also by eliminating the side stack, we eliminate friction. This design also keeps the weight tower’s height low. We did this in response to club owners and operators who requested we keep our Nautilus weight frames lower because taller machines are not as visually appealing. Taller frames often block management’s view of club operations and we take special care to listen to club management’s inputs”, says Mr. Webb.

A noted fitness, sports and healthcare industry visionary, Mr. Webb has played a major role in Nautilus machine design and holds moreEVO Weight Stack than 25 patents. Much of Mr. Webb’s work continues to be inspired by Arthur Jones’ objective of creating the perfect exercise machine. “Our primary directive is to make machines more effective and easier for people to use, as our training programs include people of all ages and objectives, from world class athletes to youth and seniors. This patent makes it easy for all of them because now there is only one pin and one weight stack. Typically, machines require a main and a mini weight stack, each of which requires a separate pin. We’ve simplified the process and improved the results. We are always striving to deliver the Nautilus Brand Promise.”


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