Nautilus Empowers Japanese Women at Record Breaking SPORTEC 2015

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August 8, 2015

Tokyo, Japan. More than 41,000 visitors attended SPORTEC 2015 in July, setting a new record for Japan’s largest sports, health care, fitness trade show and conference. Successfully bringing together Health Fitness Japan (“HFJ”) and the Fitness Industry Association of Japan (“FIA”), SPORTEC 2015 attendance grew by over 24% from SPORTEC 2014.

Woman's Shape MagazineAmong many highlights, women’s fitness in Japan was celebrated at a private event for Japan’s Woman’s Shape Magazine. Hosted by Think Fitness, opening remarks at the Shape event by NGJ Brand Solutions executives, Gregory Zink and Jerald Downen, recognized Shape models as inspiration and motivation for Japanese women’s fitness and sports performance. Mr. Zink thanked these remarkable women for leading the women’s fitness movement and their position as role models.  Downen went on to recognize these industry leaders as validating the Nautilus Academy and Arthur Jones’ vision that Japanese women would become active fitness devotees similar to their male counterparts. He went on to explain that in the 1980’s, very few people believed that women’s fitness would be successful in Japan.

NautilusMr. Eiji Tezuka, Think Fitness CEO and Japan Woman’s Shape Magazine Founder, followed these remarks by reinforcing the Nautilus Academy’s role in establishing and leading the women’s fitness and sports performance movements in Japan.

NGJ’s President, Kimitane Sohma, said after the event, “The Nautilus Academy was based on a conviction of Nautilus training for women’s fitness and sports performance. The Nautilus brand would not have succeeded without this conviction and this strong belief continues with Think Fitness, Shape Magazine, and Ironman Magazine.  We have great women’s sports teams at all levels in Japan, and we are proud to work with our partners at Think Fitness in continuing to pursue our mutual vision for women’s fitness in Japan.”

Mr. Sohma continued, “Arthur and Terry Jones emphasized women’s training and sports performance. In fact, that’s why women were our first Nautilus Academy employees. Arthur loved this approach and Nautilus’ influence on women’s tennis, golf, soccer, swimming, the Ironman Triathalon, and ballet performance. Now we are seeing the rapid growth of Japanese Indoor Cycling and demand for Schwinn cycling products and education as women are taking a leading role in growing this market.  It is our honor to share the Nautilus message with the Shape models. They are our heroes!”


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