Stairmaster and Nautilus Team to Offer Comprehensive HIIT Solution

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High Intensity Interval Training, Volume 2

July 17, 2017

Arthur Jones, NautilusIn 1970, Arthur Jones the father of HIIT (“High Intensity Interval Training”) introduced Nautilus strength training equipment to popularize the optimal way to achieve fitness results by “training harder and smarter.”  HIIT is a style of progressive resistance and cardiovascular exercise characterized by a high level of effort in relatively brief and infrequent workouts.

ACSM LogoJim Teatum, a respected fitness industry expert, and President of international consultancy, Global Business Systems, said, “ HIIT has been recognized in the top 3 fitness trends by the ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) in each of the past five years and is enjoying increasing popularity globally.  HIIT training appeals to specific people, particularly millennials who enjoy the sense of community that is created.”

In response to this market demand, Stairmaster now offers a complete product line targeting HIIT enthusiasts. The Stairmaster HIITMill, HIITMillX, AirFit, AirFit Upper Body, Gauntlet, and FreeClimber are integral to various group HIIT programs. In combination with Nautilus Half Racks, XPLOAD Zone, and other equipment, Stairmaster offers a complete HIIT Solutions Package, offering a strategic mix of products, digital marketing, and programming.

HIIT Vol 2Studies show that comprehensive HIIT programs can safely improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle mass as well as increase metabolic and mechanical functions. Mr. Jones’s original training requirements, incorporated into results-based HIIT programs, can be an effective, fun and safe exercise modality.

Teatum concludes, “Specialized HIIT studios have stripped away the HIIT segment from many mainstream clubs.  HIIT caters to a niche audience who has not been effectively served by much of today’s club market.  From an operators perspective, it is not ‘price driven’ with many athletes paying hundreds of dollars per month to benefit from these HIIT workouts – which just goes to prove that you cannot put a price on the camaraderie the HIIT regimens create!”

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