The Nautilus Brand Promise: Arthur Jones on Flexibility and Exercise

Tokyo, Japan. September 28, 2015

Arthur JonesArthur JonesReflecting on his observations from SPORTEC 2015, NGJ Brand Solutions President, Kimitane Sohma, recalled a statement by the iconic Arthur Jones in his 1976 article, Flexibility as a Result of Exercise, “Exercise should increase flexibility…but it seldom does…Proper Nautilus full range exercise will increase flexibility, but improper mid range exercise may have an opposite effect.”
“It amazes me to this day, how nearly 40 years later, training protocols and so-called leading manufacturers fail to incorporate this fundamental concept into their programs and products.  I recall Arthur stressing to me that “flexibility is a result of stretching, so performing exercises that do not involve stretching will actually cause a reduction in flexibility.  I watched Arthur’s wife, Terry, demonstrate full range of motion exercises and outperform professional male athletes.”

Gregory Zink , NGJ’s CEO adds, “Arthur cleverly put Terry Jones and Arnold Schwarzenegger side by side on the Nautilus Pullover Machine, to not only demonstrate that  Nautilus training principles are equally applicable to men and women, but to demonstrate the nearly 300 degree range of movement associated with the Nautilus Pullover machine. This is the essence of Arthur’s premise that flexibility and strength are simultaneously derived from proper full range exercise.  Arthur was adamant that “proper” meant slow, controlled movement in contrast to rapid movement involving momentum that produces injuries and minimal strength improvement.  It is such a simple example of the Nautilus Training Principles at work and Arthur Jones’ genius of positioning Nautilus as the Foundation of Fitness.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nautilus

Sohma concluded “Although Arthur’s highly publicized training principles in 1976 educated the early fitness, wellness and sports world, his Nautilus Training System, when properly followed, remains the fastest and safest way to achieve results. And at the end of the day, we all want results that help us look and feel better without injuries.”

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