Why “Circuit Training” is More Relevant Today than Ever Before!

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By Doug Werner, Core Health and Fitness

Arthur Jones, Nautilus

June 27, 2016
Every year leading fitness industry organizations such as IHRSA, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and SFIA (Sports and Fitness Industry Association) conduct market surveys to research current global trends. These research projects are conducted because success in the fitness business depends on identifying key trends that improve member results and retention.

One training method that is routinely identified as a trend, but has actually become a staple in our industry, is strength training. In fact, since 2013, strength training has ranked as high as # 2 in the ACSM trends survey and is currently ranked # 4. In fact, for over 45 years strength training has served as a defining foundation of the industry and is increasing in popularity as evidenced by ACSM rankings in the top five industry trends since 2013.

Circuit Training

Circuit strength training is commonly defined as “programs consisting of eight to twelve exercises performed in sequence and performed primarily on selectorized equipment.”  This type of circuit training was originated by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus training system. The full range of motion, variable resistance, strict training protocols and exercise to momentary muscle failure principles established by Nautilus and Jones provide proven results and effective conditioning in only two to three 30 minute training sessions per week. In a society and industry that is challenged for time, Nautilus circuit training has provided a timeless, innovative solution, enjoying popularity across the globe.

It is interesting to question how in today’s fitness world, full of suspension straps and medicine balls, how circuit training has become so relevant? With the rapid growth of strength training in general, and with the indisputable benefits of safety, efficiency and effectiveness, circuit training has once again been recognized as a viable option for all fitness enthusiasts, but particularly with new users, the young, the old and anyone with time constraints. In 2015, high-intensity interval training, which by its very definition requires efficiency, was the #2 fitness trend. Few forms of strength training can match the efficiency of a circuit of selectorized equipment.

NautilusIf you are the owner or operator of a fitness facility or a personal trainer and you are questioning the value of your selectorized equipment and or circuit, then you might reconsider the value of this asset. Current industry trends clearly identify the market potential for properly presented and instructed circuit training. Few items in any fitness facility offer the return on investment of a well maintained and organized circuit of selectorized strength training equipment. Over forty years of research and counting proves that circuit training is here to stay as one of the keys to success in the fitness business.

Doug Werner is a sales executive for Core Health and Fitness, the manufacturer and distributor of Nautilus commercial strength products.




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