THINK Fitness Introduces Revolutionary CarbonBlue™ at SPORTEC 2014

The Future of Indoor Cycling presented in Tokyo, Japan

December 1, 2014

NGJ Brand Solutions President, Mr Kimitane Sohma, exclusive Japanese distributor for Nautilus, Schwinn and Stairmaster, announced today that THINK Fitness will introduce the new Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue and AC Sport with Carbon Blue, at SPORTEC 2014, December 4-6 at Big Sight. Mr. Sohma says “Our introduction of the Carbon Blue indoor cycling bike that replaces the traditional chain drive with a Carbon BlueTechcarbon fiber reinforced belt for maximum durability and smooth performance will redefine the market for indoor cycling bikes in Japan. This proven technology has solidified Schwinn’s position as the world leader in indoor cycling products and education. It is amazing that Schwinn has sold thousands of Carbon Blue cycles in such a short time period across the world.”

Mr. Sohma continues, “Following Feel Cycle’s successful launch of indoor cycling studios across the country with Schwinn bikes, our Carbon Blue cycles will dramatically reduce maintenance costs for our customers, provide a real bike feel for riders and give our customers the longest drive train warranty of 5 years in the market.  This represents an immediate return on investment for our Carbon Blue Equipmentcustomers and is responsive to the cost driven Japanese market. The Carbon Blue from Schwinn is the only true indoor cycling system and solution for this growth market here in Japan.  We are excited about the product and look forward to its introduction at SPORTEC.

Waka Yogi, yoga teacher and TV personality, (Fox Japan TV “Kirei Yoga”) will lead the SPORTEC introduction. Waka commented, “Japanese women are strongly interested in user-friendly solutions to shape their bodies in as short amount of time as possible. Indoor cycling with Schwinn Carbon Blue is that solution. My team and I are confident absolutely anyone, regardless of fitness experience, can instantly feel the amazing comfort of the Carbon Blue. We look forward to seeing the smiles on people’s faces at the THINK Fitness booth as they experience Schwinn Carbon Blue.”


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