Alzheimer’s Affects Women Two Times More Than Men: The Nautilus Brand Promise For Prevention

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32nd International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International in Kyoto Japan Endorses 1972 Nautilus Mind Body Training Principles

June 2017

Arthur JonesSupported by growing bodies of research including a 2015 study by Japanese researchers at the Juntendo University School of Medicine indicating that Alzheimer’s affects women two times more than men, international organizations are raising awareness on how women can prevent Alzheimer’s through exercise programs.  The Japan Times recently reported that the cost of providing health and social care for the nation’s dementia sufferers totaled ¥14.5 trillion in 2014, with nearly half of the cost borne by families, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Ministry said it was the first ever detailed estimate of the cost of the condition, which affects more than 4.5 million people nationwide.

In April 2017 the world’s largest dementia conference will be held in Kyoto, Japan presented by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), with Alzheimer’s Association Japan (AAJ). The conference will attract dementia specialists from more than 100 countries to discuss this disease with the goal of educating ministries and individuals how mind-body exercise programs positively affect lives.  Canada’s Women’s Brain Health Initiative is an example organization specifically targeting education programs and funds research to combat brain-aging diseases that affect women.

Women's Alzheimer's ChallengeMaria Shriver, formerly married to Arnold Schwarzenegger, has launched a global alliance, MOVE FOR MINDS that represents an unprecedented list of superstars in fitness, brain research, and Equinox Sports Clubs, to raise awareness on how women can prevent Alzheimer’s through exercise programs. Mr. Schwarzenegger was an early supporter of Arthur Jones’ mind-body training principles, including “The moment you quit attempting the momentary impossible, mentally and physically, then you quit advancing in life.”  This philosophy and an unexpected Alzheimer’s diagnosis for her father inspired Shriver to declare war on Alzheimer’s launching MOVE FOR MINDS; Train Your Brains, Train Your Body, Make Them Last a Lifetime.”

EquinoxEquinox CEO, Harvey Spevak, says, “I proudly stand with Ms. Shriver and her team. Our goal is empowering women to conquer Alzheimer’s and other impossible situations. As the leader in high-performance lifestyle, we continually educate our members to keep their bodies and their minds in top shape, one workout at a time.”  Ms. Shriver echoes Arthur Jones’ mind-body advice when she says “we confidently tell women they can change their brain health, change their hopes, and change their future.”

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