International Alzheimer Disease Treatment Organizations Embrace Exercise as Effective Treatment Modality

Mind Body Connection Documented by Nautilus Founder in 1970’s Validated

January 16, 2017

Arthur JonesIn the 1970’s Arthur Jones, Nautilus inventor and pioneer in mind body training, professed “mental confidence and awareness as important factors, because without these, trainees will seldom produce positive results.”  Mr. Jones extolled his philosophy equally with athletes, an aspiring young body builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and seniors, correctly predicting that “individuals over forty will have more to gain from mind body training than younger people.”

Alzheimer's Association JapanMr. Jones’ training principles have inspired invaluable studies on the mental benefits of strength training. An American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) review, entitled “Resistance Training is Medicine” by Wayne Westcott PhD., concludes “strength training shows significant improvement in cognitive skills, self esteem and confidence.”

Today, leading global research institutions and Alzheimer treatment organizations are actively promoting the benefits of strength training in combating Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, (“AAIC”) recently reported that “physical activity programs reduce cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.” Healthy aging expert, Dr. Andrew Weil, references a Japanese study finding that among people with both normal mental function and mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s, after one year of moderate exercise, 70% of participants showed significant improvement in memory function. The study added that the more the participants exercised, the greater the improvement.

2017 Kyoto ReportThis is significant as The Japan Times reports 4.6 million Japanese live with dementia and an additional 5 million have participated in national and community Alzheimer education programs from notable organizations including Alzheimer’s Disease International (“ADI”), and the Alzheimer’s Association Japan (“AAJ”).  During his tenure as governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger linked his earlier mind body discussions with Arthur Jones, naming November as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

For anyone interesting in physical and mental well being, especially seniors, this is good news as the Nautilus system is founded on principles including “performing exercises properly, in a smooth and slow fashion, requires less resistance and produces better results than the same exercise performed incorrectly with heavier weights.”

Mr. Kimitane Sohma of NGJ Brand Solutions says, “We are proud that leading medical schools, universities and support and research organizations such as the AAIC, ADI, AAJ and others support our strong conviction in strength training and exercise as effective combatants of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  As a result, we will continue to feature leading Alzheimer’s research and exercise guidelines for prevention as well as clinical, community, and individual treatment protocols in future newsletters.”

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