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NGJ is proud to represent the following best-in-class brands and products in Japan and use its extensive network of press connections developed over 25 years to further promote our brands.  If you are interested in distributing one or more of our brands or exploring cross branding opportunities, please contact us at info@ngjbrandsolutions.com.



Nautilus:  In 1970, Nautilus, incorporated as Nautilus Sports Medical Industries, under the direction of the legendary Arthur Jones, developed the first system of machines that applied greater resistance in exercise motions where muscles are strongest and less resistance where muscles are weakest. In conjunction with studies at the University of Florida Medical School and The West Point Military Academy, Nautilus was available initially only to professional sports teams and medical facilities.  However, Nautilus use in high profile professional organizations such as the New York Giants and the New York Ballet Company, inspired millions of individuals to use Nautilus in over 3000 Nautilus centers across the US. By 1980 “doing Nautilus” became part of American vocabulary synonymous with high-intensity results oriented training.  Since then, Nautilus fitness equipment has been embraced by millions of people in thousands of health clubs and medical facilities around the world.

Today, we continue to be the #1 brand in commercial fitness equipment. With numerous international patents, Nautilus passion for innovation, research and results oriented training is unmatched by any other fitness-equipment manufacturer.  Nautilus training has been studied and researched by more health and medical organizations than any other product in its class. The Nautilus Brand assures our customer’s the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, and world class education and programming for people of all ages. We are represented exclusively for the sale of Nautilus strength equipment by THINK Fitness.

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Stairmaster: Since the development of the world’s first stepping machine in 1983, Stairmaster has grown into a legendary name in fitness.  We offer a wide range of high-quality solutions that deliver real workouts and real results.  Beginning with the legendary Gauntlet StepMill and extremely popular FreeClimber step machine, and complemented by the TreadClimber TC5 Black Beauty that burns twice the calories of a treadmill and the AirFit commercial dual action wind resistant bike, Stairmaster provides unique products that differentiate it from the competition.

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Schwinn: Education, Training Programs and Quality Bikes are but a few of the reasons the 100 year old Schwinn Brand is the world’s leading commercial manufacturer of Indoor Cycling (“IC”) bicycles featuring the AC Sport, AC Performance and IC Pro20. Today the Schwinn brand means much more than technically advanced bikes. Schwinn training, education and resources help create global cycling communities. Leading indoor cycling centers around the world, such as Hong Kong, France, UK, Japan, US and Brazil use the Schwinn product and brand as part of their success formulas.  One of Schwinn’s latest innovations is the award winning Class Tamer Mobile App, the premier music player for group exercise professionals.

Schwinn IC bikes remain in a class by themselves, offering intelligent design, quality manufacturing, authentic riding experiences with the industry’s leading Master Instructor education program that has certified over 12,000 instructors worldwide.  Schwinn now offers a carbon fiber belt drive system, “Carbon Blue”, the MPower Echelon Console, the Cadence Pro console for the IC Pro20, and the industry’s leading Master Instructor education program that has certified over 12,000 instructors worldwide to guarantee success for your facility. Schwinn understands what it takes to make a successful indoor cycling model and has more experience in this area than any other IC manufacturer in the world. NGJ has partnered with Bravo Group in Japan as its exclusive Schwinn Education provider.

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