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The Nautilus cam, invented by Arthur Jones, is at the technological center of the Nautilus Brand Promise.  By designing individual cams that match the human body’s muscle groups and their ranges of motion, Nautilus has created exercise machines and a proprietary training system that follows the human strength curve providing superior results in the least amount of time.

The Nautilus training system is based on and designed for the scientific fact that muscles are weakest at the point of origin and strongest in the mid point.  Additionally, muscles are strongest when lowering a weight (eccentric or negative movement) and weakest when raising a weight (concentric or positive movement).  Both eccentric and concentric movements occur around the axis of every human muscle. The Nautilus cam evenly distributes resistance (balanced resistance), along the exact range of motion for each muscle, which forces 100% of these muscle fibers to engage.

Nautilus Cam 2This dedication to balanced resistance by Nautilus makes it possible for anyone, from professional athletes to older seniors with no previous exercise experience, to achieve the maximum amount of exercise in the minimum amount of time. The original Nautilus training principles of raising a weight for the positive movement for 2 seconds and lowering in the negative movement for 4 seconds, based on Nautilus cam technology and the body’s strength curve, was named the official training protocol of the American College of Sports Medicine (“ACSM”) in 2010.  A 3 second positive movement and a 5 second negative movement with fewer repetitions is an alternative protocol, especially for advanced training.

Whether your training goal is general fitness, sports training or metabolic conditioning, every individual can achieve positive results using Nautilus strength equipment. The ability for users to set and reach goals in a specific amount of time is one of the secrets to Nautilus’ success for over 40 years.

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