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Recognizing the need for fitness and wellness programs meeting the needs of all age groups and sports participants, Nautilus continues to deliver the Nautilus Brand Promise through targeted, innovative programs that trace to its roots as Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries.  Leveraging superior patented technology, worldwide research, and international accreditation, Nautilus programs deliver proven superior results to users and generate increased revenue and retention to facility operators.

The Aging Gracefully™ by Nautilus® program is modeled after a recent study that proves the most effective way to increase elderly residents’ independence and functionality is a regular program of strength training. Using Nautilus® One Strength Training Machines only two days per week, participants improved their overall physical functionality (balance, muscle and joint flexibility, muscle strength, mobility and personal independence), leading to significant care cost reductions and improved self esteem.

Aging Gracefully

In response to the rapid demand for sport-specific training, Nautilus has introduced GOLFfit, a golf specific program researched by the renowned physiologist and author, Dr. Wayne Westcott and recommended by golf legend Greg Norman.

Golf Fit

By following the GOLFfit program using Nautilus strength training equipment, golf enthusiasts reduce the risk of injury, improve club head speed leading to longer driving distance, and increase lean muscle mass.  GOLFfit is a true value-added benefit for a facility operator, providing an opportunity to generate incremental revenue.

All Nautilus programs include a complete turnkey solution including marketing, promotional, and collateral materials free of charge to the facility operator.

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