Arthur Jones: The Man Behind the Nautilus Brand Promise, Part 1

Think Nautilus LogosJuly 15, 2015

Arthur JonesOn a recent business trip to Tokyo, Mr. Gregory Zink, CEO of NGJ Brand Solutions and his partner, President, Mr. Kimitane Sohma, were overwhelmed by how their customers remain keenly interested and fascinated by the legacy of Arthur Jones, the eccentric inventor of the Nautilus Strength Training System. Both executives concluded that directly, or indirectly, Mr. Jones is not only responsible for a substantial portion of employment today in the worldwide fitness, sports, and wellness industries, but also the genius behind the time tested world class training principles that millions of people worldwide follow every day, many without knowing the origin.

“Upon careful scrutiny, this conclusion is validated by multiple sources and supported by industry leading research,” says Mr. Zink. “Arthur Jones was an outlier in every sense of the word. Prior to the invention of the Nautilus Strength Training System, there were very few fitness and wellness facilities anywhere in the world. Arthur’s will to succeed, against staggering odds, in large part created an industry which continues to provide careers for millions of people and wellness benefits to millions more. It’s truly amazing when you think about it.”

Arthur Jones Core PrinciplesMr. Frank O Rourke, co-author of the Legends of Fitness and current Vice President Sales Asia Pacific and Latin America for Core Health & Fitness, LLC says in the book, “Arthur Jones was one of the first industry faces of the 1970s to change the fitness industry landscape with the introduction of a variable resistance machine. His most lasting influence may well be the core principles of training that he developed.”

ACSMMr. Sohma commented, “Because of the significance of Arthur Jones’ contributions, it is only fitting that we publish a series of newsletters dedicated to his accomplishments. Simply watching some of the videos from the Nautilus Television Network on our website,, shows how committed Arthur was to his principles. We look forward to telling Arthur’s story in more detail in the coming months.


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