Ignaz Schwinn: Celebrating More Than a Century of Innovation

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July 15, 2015

Schwinn FamilyFrom its humble beginnings just west of downtown Chicago in 1895, Arnold Schwinn & Company began what is now Schwinn Fitness by designing and manufacturing the most advanced racing bikes of their day.

Together with his fellow German financial partner, Adolph Frederick William Arnold, Ignaz Schwinn’s teams won all the most popular races of the era. Within a few short years of its creation, the company became an acknowledged technical and quality leader of the American bicycle industry. Now more than 100 years later, the Schwinn brand is an international icon and continues to build some of the best-known and best-loved bicycles of all time.

History reminds us that in 1933, Arnold, Schwinn & Company introduced the bicycle balloon tire that quickly became an industry standard and that in 1963, Schwinn introduced the Sting-Ray®, with high-rise handlebars, banana seat, stick shift and racing slick tires. The legendary manufacturer followed with the Schwinn Exerciser bicycle in 1966 and the Schwinn Airdyne in 1978.


Schwinn InnovationSchwinn followed this path of innovation with the introduction of the Schwinn Spinner bike in the early 1990’s that revolutionized what is now the indoor cycling business.  As the premier global manufacturer of indoor cycling bikes and the leading educational provider through the Schwinn Institute, Schwinn Fitness continues to separate itself from the competition.

Schwinn SpinnerIn December 2014, the Schwinn Carbon Blue indoor cycling bike was introduced in Japan to strong interest from the indoor cycling community.  Schwinn Carbon Blue cycling bikes replace the traditional chain drive with a carbon fiber reinforced belt for maximum durability and smooth performance. This proven technology has solidified Schwinn’s position as the world leader in indoor cycling products and education. Frank O’Rourke, Vice President Sales Asia Pacific and Latin America for Core Health & Fitness, LLC, who is responsible for Schwinn in the region commented, “We now have over 38,000 licensed instructors to support our great products. It is a great time to be part of the growing Schwinn Fitness business and brand.  This is all a fitting tribute to the legacy of Ignaz Schwinn.”

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