Arthur Jones Tradition Continues in Shibuya Nautilus Workshop

THINK Fitness Presents Mr. Jones Legendary Training Principals

Tokyo, Japan. July 15, 2015

Arthur Jones TraditionIt is doubtful that anyone attending a recent THINK Fitness Nautilus workshop in Shibuya was alive to witness the dynamics of Arthur Jones’ Nautilus Sports Medical Industries multimedia workshops in Deland, Florida. Yet, Mr. Jones Nautilus training principals are as alive and relevant today as in any other time in history. Unlike the controversies that Mr.Jones originally created in 1972 with his training principles, today these same practices are practiced worldwide as evidenced by the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) adoption of Nautilus principles as ACSM’s official guidelines.

Led by Tatsuchi Fuchigami of THINK Fitness, and in collaboration with NGJ Brand Solutions Founders, Kimitane Sohma and Jerald Downen, Mr Fuchigami expertly engaged the audience in the proper use of Nautilus equipment, stressing the importance of slow, controlled movement through the full range of motion. He also presented Nautilus’ proprietary and legendary Four bar linkage and extensive use of positive and negative cams. Mr Fuchigami also entertained the audience of customers with the history of the iconic Nautilus brand and the eccentric genius of Arthur Jones.

Arthur Jones TraditionWayne Westcott, PhD, ACSM contributor, and Nautilus expert says “Arthur Jones’workshops and his Nautilus Television Network (NTN) were key elements of his Nautilus education platform for medical, business, fitness and sports leaders. The continued validation of Arthur’s principles is very gratifying for those of us fortunate enough to have witnessed his workshops and his media expertise allowing him to reach audiences outside of the traditional fitness industry channels. I know that Jerald, Kimitane and I greatly benefited as students in Arthur’s workshops.”

THINK Fitness and NGJ Brand Solutions look forward to conducting more of these workshop sessions at customer locations throughout Japan in the coming months as the Nautilus Brand Promise is further solidified in the Japanese fitness and wellness industry.



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