The Nautilus Brand Promise: Arthur Jones on Achieving Goals in the Gym and Life

December 14, 2015

Arthur Jones, Nautilus“The moment you quit advancing…the moment you quit attempting the momentary impossible, then you quit advancing in life…this is true physically and mentally.” This simple statement famously captured Arthur Jones’ philosophy on achieving goals in the gym and in life.

Kimitane Sohma, NGJ Brand Solutions President, who participated in Nautilus workshops with Mr. Jones recalls how Arthur stressed the mental aspects of Nautilus training.  Mr. Sohma says, Seniors“Arthur valued training techniques over amount of resistance, repetitions and sets. Instead of these more prominent weight lifting metrics, he said, “If only the Nautilus training guidelines are understood and applied in practice…then most trainees can reach their training goals very quickly, and do so as a result of brief infrequent workouts.”

“Another one of Arthur’s secrets was to help people reach their goals with an emphasis on perfect technique,” Sohma says.  He said, “Properly performed, even a few basic Nautilus exercises will produce good results, whereas improperly performed, no amount of exercise will produce equal results.” Mr. Sohma says that one of Arthur’s favorite sayings was, “Practicing mistakes in training, as in life, makes for perfect mistakes.”

Ballet“People came to Arthur’s workshops expecting to hear him say to train more to reach your goals. But to their amazement he said the opposite; “When the intensity of an exercise is increased, the amount of exercise must be reduced. When you train harder, you must train less.”

Dr. Ellington Darden, in the Nautilus Woman, articulates Arthur’s training philosophy for women by saying “Most women will perform Nautilus exercises in better form than most men; and will achieve results that reinforce her motivation beyond her own imagination.”

Sohma concludes, “With so much attention on Nautilus machines and features, Arthur cautioned that Nautilus machines only enable you to train properly, they don’t make you train properly; that is the mental component of Nautilus training.”


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